CANLOVE is the collaborative alias of American artists DJ Neff and Paul Ramirez. Currently, they collect discarded spray paint cans and process them into works of art at their creative studio, ChalkLA, located in Venice, California.

The duo is best known for giving spray paint cans new life through colorful, whimsical, and conceptually driven artwork. They often share their process and work with others through art exhibitions, installations, and workshops.

In a world that continues to generate more and more spray paint, their mission is to leave no can behind. One of their main goals is to provide our culture with an alternative method for recycling discarded spray paint. By standardizing their methodology and working with other likeminded groups, they've managed to up-cycle over 15,000+ cans by hand. Their primary collection bins are located at the world renown Venice Walls - a long standing mecca of graffiti culture - supported by the STP Foundation and the city of Venice.

CANLOVE has exhibited in Los Angeles, New York, Miami, and London and they continue to gain global interest and momentum. Their work combines innovation, chaos, process, pain, curiosity, passion, wonder, whimsy, and purpose. It might fit somewhere within the merging worlds of art, sustainability, community, and design. 

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